Seven Rules

- 7 Rules for the Unruly (...and everyone else) -


  1. Treat people well. You never know who you’ll need in the future or in the next five minutes. You may never know what a difference you make to strangers or acquaintances until you need them yourself.
  2. Try not to be so afraid. You are your own worst enemy against really living. Get lost every so often.
  3. Don’t throw away family. They’re never perfect and not always on your side, but you are stuck with them and they’re stuck with you.
  4. Don’t take life too seriously. It’s when you are busy being serious that life happens.
  5. Show appreciation. Write thank yous. By hand. Tell them in person. Tell them again.
  6. Be able to recognize when it’s about you, and when it isn’t. Because more often than not, it’s not.
  7. Know what rules are meant to be broken and which shouldn’t be broken. Break the rules of injustice and intolerance. Follow the rules of safety, acceptance, and compassion.


And finally…

Realize how many people want you to succeed, want you to thrive, and love you unconditionally. You’re living for them too.