Connect with me

I'm a traveler, knitter, autobiography reader, cooking/food/eating enthusiast, and graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.

I also love to connect to people through writing. Thousands of years and terabytes of innovation later, the power of the written word remains the same.

If I could be anyone, I'd steal Anthony Bourdain's recently vacated position as No Reservations host and travel around the world, eating and being snarky. Unfortunately, I'm not a fifty-something, foul-mouthed, rock-and-roll chef with an earring. (Update: He has a new show now. Prospects have diminished.)

While I'm waiting for that dream to materialize, I'd love to chat.

Feel free to email me whenever you have a writing or baking emergency. LinkedIn is great too.

I hope wherever you are, things are looking up. Hook Em'!

Best, Mallory

(214) 697-0087

Currently based in Dallas, TX